Reaching Your Muslim Friend

Reaching Your Muslim Friend August 10, 2019

Ramadan is a time of the year when Muslims are much more deeply aware of spiritual matters. This changes each lunar year, but will happen between April 23 and May 23 of 2020.

Join millions of Christians around the world to pray for Muslim neighbors and nations. Pray with the mind and heart of Christ.

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On August 10-11, 2019, Muslims around the world celebrated the feast of Al-Adha, which also is known as the “Feast of Sacrifice.”

At the Al-Adha feast, many Muslims sacrifice a sheep or a ram to commemorate the holy event when God redeemed the son of Abraham by providing a ram caught in the thicket for the sacrifice.

This is recorded in the Quran in Surat Al-Saffat (37):99-111.

Adha in the Injeel is a booklet written for Muslims explaining salvation through Christ’s death and resurrection by using the Islamic story of the Adha as an illustration of how Christ is our Adha.

Pray about sharing this with your Muslim friend.