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Faith Stories From the Field September 21, 2019

Following Bridges: Christians Connecting with Muslims training, a charismatic Messianic was led to witness to a Muslim woman and child at Chick-fil-A. While the Muslim woman receives a Bible tract, she claims the witness to Isa bin Mariam was incorrect.  However, she agrees to take the tract as the Messianic promises to read the Quran. Meanwhile, a second person, a young man named Saeed was open to the hope of Jesus that afternoon. A few weeks later, Ahmed accidently ran his vehicle into the Messianic, who didn’t take offense but used the opportunity to share the Gospel and exchanged a cell phone number. Later, a text was received.  Pray these conversations continue. During this time, the Messianic receives a healing of the heart as Yahweh touches him with the power of faith and its creative energy.

Separately, an Egyptian young woman receives Jesus but must find refuge in monastery on the East Coast as she fears her family might know of her newfound faith. She later returns to the West Coast to visit elderly parents and younger siblings. She hopes to finish college and receive a degree in social work.  However, her parents pull funding when her grades begin to drop. Recently, she was baptized and told her parents in a nearby park. They began screaming at her in anger as her mom practices Shariah law and her dad is a Wahhabi sheikh. This new convert covets your prayers for her future journey in Christ. Pray for God’s guidance and provision.

Finally, an Iraqi couple who opts to keep their first baby diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome is shattered when they find out the baby has hearing loss. The young Muslim mother thinks illness is punishment from Allah. The young Muslim father comforts his wife saying the baby remains a blessing in their lives. Further medical tests on eyes and heart will be needed in weeks to come. So far, the baby’s eyes are normal, according to Christian aunt.  She is an Iraqi convert who requests healing prayer for her niece.