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Planting House Church Discussion
Monday, October 19, 7-8:30pm
Via Zoom–For Information and Registration Click Here

How are we to be a missional community?

David Dryden was a missionary in Crimea, Ukraine planting home-based churches among unreached Muslims for 7 years with his wife and children.

Dave Thompson was a worship minister for years until 1986.  He has been part of home-based communities for more than 25 years. 

Dave and Dave met 5 years ago, have been close friends and each brings a different perspective to the table.  They are not always part of the same home-based community, but they are always part of the global community, just like you.

Join us to hear how God is moving in the DMV; get an update about Sparrow’s Nest; discover how you can participate in discipling new believers. 

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